Product description

Motovario Geared Motor NMRV040

Transdrive offer a high quality range of Geared Motors combining the quality of both Motovario and Teco ranges to offer a value for money product.

Gearbox:- Motovario NMRV040 ratio 10:1

Motovario NMRV (sizes 25 - 50) and NMRV POWER (sizes 63-110) worm geared motors currently represent the most advanced solution to market requirements in terms of efficiency and flexibility. The new NMRV Power series, also available as compact integral helical/worm option, has been designed with a view to modularity: low number of basic models can be applied to a wide range of power ratings guaranteeing top performance and reduction ratios from 5 to 1000.

Motor:- 0.55kW 2 Pole (2800) Teco LVED AC Motor, IE2, B14 Face Mounted, Aluminium Construction, Frame Size D71

A high quality AC motor from Teco Westinghouse, the world’s third largest producer of Electric Motors, and the USA’s number one.

This new range of Teco LVED IE2 efficiency motors has been specially developed to meet the new European Efficiency Directive that came into law in the UK in June 2011. As part of Teco Westinghouse strategy to enter the European Market they used their European market knowledge and worldwide expertise to produce a motor that has one of the best specifications available today with a value for money price.

The result is a high quality multi-mount range of motors with certified lE2 efficiency and have standard features that are options on some of the main competitor products:

  • Output Speed 280rpm
  • Ratio - 10:1
  • Torque 17Nm
  • Motovario Gearhead Right Angle Worm Type NMRV040
  • Motor Power 0.55kW
  • Motor Speed 2800rpm Nominal ( 2 Pole )
  • Motor Mounted B14